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3 Key Points:

  • Find out how tippy-toeing, pleasing, and working really hard to not inconvenience people could cost you a lot of money, destroy relationships and kill your spirit.
  • Find out the secret to removing overwhelm and stress from your business and life.
  • And see what it means to prepare to win and get what you want in business and life.

Show Notes:

Skip to: 01:11  I want to create a place where entrepreneurs, business owners and individuals just like you and I can connect with what truly matters,

Skip to: 06:24  No matter how much success or how much they accomplished, they never felt “good enough” “successful enough”.

Skip to: 10:53   I was so tired of people being sold the next sexy thing just to end up sometimes in a worse place than when they started and no money left because they spent their last savings on this fantasy they were sold.

Skip to: 13:09   How do we break free from mediocracy, overwhelm, apathy to living a life we absolutely love without apologies in the truest sense?

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Full Transcript:

Your business success depends on people and if you can’t influence your people you won’t have business success.


In today’s episode, which is our premiere, of this experience together I want to start by sharing with you why and how we ended up here together.


Before I do that, if you’re listening to this right now we’re already bonded, we’re already kindred spirits.


Nobody who’s not already a badass would listen to a podcast about being a badass. Are you with me?


And a real badass also has the courage, to tell the truth when they’re halfassing things. You agree?


I want to create a place where entrepreneurs, business owners and individuals just like you and I can connect with what truly matters,


and elevate our experience. How do we integrate our personal and professional life?


Technically, I shouldn’t be here.


At 16 my mom Sonja is on the abortion table when my tiny little Spanish grandma walks in takes her hand and says, “Honey, you don’t have to do this…


Go home.”


My mom is terrified!


She’s thinking,

“What’s my Italian Catholic dad going to say…?


Not only am I pregnant, not married, but to top it off, I’m pregnant with a Spanish dude!


He’s going to kill me!”


At that time Spanish and Italians were like cats and dogs.


My dad used to hide under the bed until my grandpa

went to sleep and hide again in the morning until grandpa

went to work.


When I was I was 5 years old my mom and dad got divorced. My dad moved out and I stayed with my mom. I remember several times standing in the kitchen, her looking at me, telling me,


“If I didn’t have you my life would’ve been so much better.


I would’ve had a better education (I had to quit school because of you), I would’ve had a better job and make more money.”


Between hiding my underwear under the bed when I peed my bed (which happened almost every night), or trying to wash them in the sink before she would notice, and getting myself dressed in the morning, walking for twenty minutes to kindergarten by myself in the snow in 20 below zero to, having the kindergarten teacher asking,


“Is someone picking you up because we’re closing.” to very often being home alone looking out the kitchen window at night, crying, wondering, “Where is mommy? Is mommy coming back home?”


I remember tippy-toeing, pleasing, working really hard to not inconvenience her


or make her mad. I just wanted to be loved, wanted to feel I mattered.


I don’t hold it against her today. And you know what? You and I wouldn’t be having this moment right now, having this chat, had it not been for my mom. We can all ask for life to be easier, right? to be less painful, but my pain drove me to fill that void with answers.


At twenty-four, I live in Santa Monica California. I’m a world champion in Karate and owner of a successful Martial Arts school, and I noticed myself doing the same thing; tippy-toeing, being careful and working really hard to not upset my clients.


Here I am a black belt in Karate, I could easily kick someone’s ass, right?


I realized, after teaching thousands of students, most of them came to me not because they wanted to learn how to kick and punch necessarily (even if that’s fun and made them lethal).


They wanted more focus, more discipline, to feel more centered, to be more confident.


They wanted to remove the mental blocks holding them back from being more successful in life and business.


That’s when I realized my true calling. I stopped teaching Martial Arts. I shifted my direction and focused on elite mental performance to optimize my clients’ lives.


I noticed that If you don’t have the right signals from your brain, you’ll make poor decisions, be unproductive, lose money, and destroy key relationships.


I really wanted to be in control of my life so I could be a successful husband, father, business owner and have a great life.


I would read books, listen to audio cassettes (that’s how long ago this was) but most of the stuff I learned was surface stuff intended to be motivational but didn’t really go deep enough.


For many years, no matter how successful I was—no matter how many people’s lives I changed—I fought to feel worthy of being here…to feel “good enough”, always pushing and pushing to succeed but still feeling empty.


I started to see the same struggles in many of my clients; high performing athletes (some Olympic gold medalists), CEO’s, entrepreneurs, business owners, celebrities, and experts in many fields.


I am always curious…I really wanted to know, why? I’m like, ”What causes all these really successful, high achieving individuals to feel empty, unfulfilled like something is missing?”


No matter how much success or how much they accomplished, they never felt “good enough” “successful enough”.


It becomes my obsession to find the answer, the truth controlling it all.


So went I on a quest.


I went to seminars, bought courses, hired coaches, joined masterminds. I’ve spent close to a million dollar over the years trying to find the answers.


The problem was that all the personal development gurus, relationship experts, business leaders I listened to were either contradicting each other or just trying to sell you the next thing, so they would never really reveal the truth.


One would say, “You have to think positive, while the other one would say, positive thinking doesn’t work. One would say, “To have a successful relationship you have to do give your partner what they want, and someone else would say, “If you give your partner what they want they won’t respect you.”


In the area of business, I would hear, “If you want to grow your business you have to have to hustle 24/7 while someone else would say something cliché like, “Don’t work hard, work smart.”


The truth is, with all the mixed messages, with all the confusion, I learned that there are principles, tested principles that work, that have been proven to work over time and others that are just flat out are lies.


But the ONE thing I realized, there are pros and there are amateurs.Click To Tweet


There are real masters and there are dabblers.


So if I really wanted to accelerate my growth in my personal life and business, I needed precision.  And focus and do what I had done to master martial arts. I knew how to win. I’ve dedicated my whole life to mastery.


So I created a plan that I was only going to give my clients the stuff that worked. I was only going study the best in the world… In relationships. Business growth. Neuroscience, marketing, sales, productivity, human behavior, habits.


I didn’t stop there.


I started to create systems in each of the categories that I saw would move the needle.

Then I would listen to people and notice where they were struggling and help them solve those problems. I would turn around marriages, help guys and girls to find attract their perfect mate. I was called when a family member wanted to commit suicide.


I became known as the relationship guru.


I charged a lot of money for that and people asked me how I did that, so I became the high ticket guy; teaching experts how to get highly paid for their expertise.


I taught coaches and leaders how to coach.


Most of them didn’t know how to truly communicate their message so I helped craft their message and position themselves so they could have a strong brand and attract the right clients.


Later on, I became a bestselling author so people wanted me to help them become bestselling authors and the list goes on and on…


I noticed as I started helping my client that some would take on what I gave them right away, and they got results quickly, but others would get overwhelmed, get stuck


and very often they would get into a victim mentality (especially when working with couples because they really wanted someone to blame).


I can’t remember any time when I had someone reach out to me and say, “My relationship isn’t working, or my business isn’t working and I can totally see my part in this.”


No, no, no, there’s always something or someone to blame. I needed to create something that would be more efficient and help my clients faster and more consistently…


I was thinking and testing, thinking, and testing, using up our savings, I was not taking on a bunch of new clients because I wanted to focus on developing a system that would take care of our clients and be sustainable.


I was so tired of people being sold the next sexy thing just to end up sometimes in a worse place than when they started and no money left because they spent their last savings on this fantasy they were sold.


After 5yrs of defining and refining, trial and error and putting every dollar of my own money into developing the system, we created Precision Based Growth.


I can now take any individual or business owner and in less than 1-hour map out EXACTLY where their biggest struggle is, the exact roadmap to resolve it and how to accelerate the processes with least friction and the most leverage of time and energy.

I quickly learned how to filter out the best from the mediocre.


I removed the noise that would just distract me and outside demands trying to steal my attention and focused in on the vital few that truly mattered.


This is why I want you to continue listening to this podcast. I won’t distract you or waste your time.


I noticed that for every business owner, entrepreneur or expert I worked with there really are four areas directly impacting their success or failure; relationships, business growth, health and finances.


The success or failure in each area is in direct proportion to the other. When they’re unhappy or stagnant in one the others suffered.


After creating precision based growth and the principles around it, I was able not only to remove the friction and overwhelm in my life and business to a minimum, I’ve also been able to work less and be more present with my family and focus on what works.


Taking control of my life and dominating my life rather than being dominated by it has been a very important focus of mine and I know what it has done for my most successful clients and I want the same for you.


This is why I decided to do this podcast.


How do we break free from mediocracy, overwhelm, apathy to living a life we absolutely love without apologies in the truest sense?


I’ll introduce you to the cutting edge in business growth, like how to maximize your influence (how do you walk into a room and own it? How do you ethically negotiate to get what you want and still build deep relationships?

How do you make offers that sell while remaining true to yourself? How do you position yourself as the authority, as the most advisor and expert in your field)?    


I’ll also contribute my 25 plus years of experience in the arena of elite performance, relationship turnarounds, conflict resolution and how to maximize efficiency and results in any area of your life.


I’ll also bring in some of my friends, colleagues, mentors, and clients who are the best in the world, truly at the cutting edge on brain health, sleep, nutrition, movement, habits.


Here’s why?


Because I believe if you want to sustain your business, sustain your message and personal life without breaking down, you want to maximize your health and be full of energy,  right?


It all goes hand in hand with being a badass today! A badass business owner, badass mom, dad, life partner.


If you want a badass life and you don’t want to settle for mediocrity, half ass results.


You gotta take it on yourself, true? Nobody wakes up in the morning and says, “Hey, I want to be a halfass. I want a half ass business, halfass marriage, be a half ass parent, right?”


Why did I start this podcast? What’s missing?


  • So few of us have people in our lives that fight for our dreams. I know there are people that say they do, but when it comes to showing up, for real, you can probably count them on one hand.
  • We want clarity & simplicity yet, we live in a world of overwhelm and distractions. We want and value success and we want to be the best, but still, we reward mediocrity and amateurism.
  • Do you agree…We want energy and focus, we want to be efficient, yet, so many are burned out, caught in the whirlwind of other people’s demands and daily to-do’s and we look for ways to escape. This podcast will give you a different voice
  • We live in a world where many of us are so careful, polite and tippy-toeing, being apologetic, worrying that people won’t like us. Which stops us from being real, authentic, true to our nature.
  • What’s missing is the real, raw, unpostured, truthful leadership. This podcast will give you that voice
  • Your business and life success, your fulfillment depends on people and if you can’t influence your people you won’t have business success. So if you want your business to grow, if you want your life to grow, your team, your family, your wealth, you have to master influence. You must know how to influence the thoughts, feelings and behaviors of yourself and others. This podcast will show you exactly how to do that.


Listen, if you want to achieve maximum growth, maximum profitability, maximum efficiency and experience a maximum impact in your business, your life and create deep bonds with people that matter to you I want you to subscribe to this podcast, share it with your friends and own it…


You ARE a badass. You were born a badass!Click To Tweet


No more apologies. Let’s discover what’s possible.


If you enjoyed this first episode, give it a 5-star rating and hop on to the next episode and I will meet you there…


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