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3 Key Points:

  • Find out how Satori because of his backstory can help his most successful clients go from stuck to unstuck, and how you can use this simple and powerful system in your business and personal life to thrive.
  • Find out the secret to accelerated growth, freedom and wealth without overwhelm, without working harder and without spending more money.
  • And see what successful entrepreneurs, pro athletes, and experts have in common to achieve consistent and sustainable growth in the midst of outside demands.

Show Notes:

Skip to: 02:12  The problem was, the flow of clients was too far in between, (I mean, I did charge premium to work with so one client could sustain us for a couple of months) but still I felt like was on an income roller coaster.

Skip to: 03:46   Hitting the wall this way, had me suddenly question everything.

Skip to: 05:37 I had bought into the illusion of multitasking, multi-focusing, and thinking if I did more I would achieve more.

Skip to: 06:57  I started making money again, started serving my clients better, and enjoyed my time with family without the guilt of thinking, “I’m not doing enough.”

Skip to: 11:27   …with too many moving parts, nothing becomes important and everyone feels overwhelmed, overworked and stuck.

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Full Transcript:

They’re stuck because they keep spinning their wheels. They got to stop spinning their wheels because the overwhelm is killing them.

A lot of clients come to us because they’re spending a lot of money on marketing, and development to grow and it’s either working really well and they just want it to work better.


They want to move further, faster.


But usually they’re spending a lot of money on training and development, hiring expensive consultants, and they’re using very tactical approaches hoping for it to work, but it’s usually not working that well anymore.


Typically, the biggest issue is… they’re spinning their wheels. They’ve got too many moving parts.


…And they are overwhelmed.


I remember when I first started building my elite consulting business.


I wanted to grow quickly so I could build a strong brand and have my wife and kids at home.


At the time I was trying to make money online so I wouldn’t be constrained by location. I was buying into the laptop lifestyle fantasy and that it was going to be so easy. I was doing everything by myself.


I really wanted my wife to be able to stay home so she could do what she really wanted to do, which was being a mom and be with our kids.


I was struggling because I wasn’t making any money online. All of our clients came through recommendation. I started a blog and after a while people started to contact me through my blog, asking me if they could work with me.


I would get on the phone with them and I listened to what they were going through and if it felt like a good fit, they would become a client and I would start helping them.


The problem was, the flow of clients was too far in between, (I mean, I did charge premium to work with so one client could sustain us for a couple of months) but still I felt like was on an income roller coaster.


I was working all the time.


When my family had amazing picnics on the beach in Malibu, I was working. Beautiful Sunday play times in the park. I was working.


I felt I was slaving away without getting to enjoy my family.

What made it feel even worse was that I had promised my wife the American dream.


I had moved us from Sweden to the US away from her family and here I was not being able to live up to the promise, the dream I had painted for her.


I felt like a failure as a husband, a failure as a dad.


After pushing and pushing too long without rest, I got sick. The overwhelm, stress, the lack of sleep, trying to juggle all the demands I put on myself, was killing me.


I had intense pain in my stomach, heartburn. Eye’s were burning cause I was up all night, but still waking up early because kids make noise.


I went to doctors, had X.rays, they put tubes down my throat to check my intestines. They couldn’t find anything. Nothing was wrong. They couldn’t see anything. But I could feel it.


Hitting the wall this way, had me suddenly question everything.


I remember doing a teleseminar to promote an event I was scheduled to do in Sweden, I was going to travel from the US. And I sold NOTHING! I was in so much pain.


Luckily for me, I’m a smart man. I mean, I teach this stuff…


I sat down and did an intervention on myself.


I did the event I had been promoting to the people who had already bought tickets, it was a 3-day event.


The moment I hit the stage the pain went away. I was home.


It was me and the participants.


That’s when it became crystal clear to me that the secret was “precision”. Precision is the key dominating your business…


…Precision, is the key to success in life, in business, to being a successful father, husband, a world influencer.


I had forgotten what my strength was, what I loved, what I valued most.

I had tried to do and be everything.


I was trying to be the marketing department, sales department, customer service department, I was doing tech, copywriting, video editing, content creation. I was the talent delivering the content.


…And… trying to be a family man. Hello!!?


It became very clear to me that if I wanted to be the best version of me if I wanted to successfully grow my business and have a real impact in the world, I had to remove the friction. Remove distraction. I had to remove everything that was going to slow me down.


This showed me that I had been overworking my brain and lost perspective of my true gift. I had missed what really would move the needle.


I had bought into the illusion of multi-tasking, multi-focusing, and thinking if I did more I would achieve more.


I had bought the lie (which a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners do) “You sleep when you’re dead” attitude.


Hustle, Hustle Hustle, right? Wrong!


I was just ineffective on multiple levels. I had the delusion, “I just need to push harder.”


I also learned working with clients, giving people more knowledge, more skills to help them be successful, was not helping them.


I had to help remove overwhelm, I had to simplify and take them out of the whirlwind and distractions and help protect their focus.


You need to stop focusing on going wide and doing more, stop spinning a million plates in the air and start narrowing down your focus. Be like a sniper, and engage in precision.


So I started looking at everything that would distract me, bog me down, overwhelm me.

I asked myself, “What pulls me away from being efficient, what makes me unprofitable, what sucks my energy, what’s meaningless and not aligned with my values?


…And I wrote it down and started removing stuff.


After I did that,


I started making money again, started serving my clients better, and enjoyed my time with family without the guilt of thinking, “I’m not doing enough.”


Suddenly, I moved faster, it accelerated my business, instead of slowing it down like I thought it would.


I made a plan…


My plan was to do this with other entrepreneurs and business owners, cause I noticed a lot of them were struggling with the same stuff.


So I started a group with 12 entrepreneurs, doctors, and experts in multiple fields where I taught them how to accelerate their growth.


Some of them started getting results right away.


One of the women in the program 10X her income in 30 days.


Some were resisting to follow the lead, they insisting of doing it the old way, so I had to kick them out of the group.


I initially started the group with the intention of doing it only for 90 days, but it was so cool to see the growth process I so extended it to a year.


We created multiple best-selling authors, digital products that people could buy online, Coaching programs…


A few completely changed the direction of their life, their careers… it was really really cool.


I didn’t stop there. I then started implementing the work with all my other private clients.


After that, I did it with larger companies to fine-tune their sales and marketing processes, team building, growth strategies.

…And it was amazing to see how it worked with entrepreneurs, doctors, small and large business and even with families.


But there was still a problem…


Even after all that, things were still not perfect.


Here’s what I mean…


A lot of our clients were so stuck in their old ways of thinking, distracted, and so caught in the whirlwind of other people’s demands.

Business owners that wouldn’t respect their teams’ effort to stay focused, they’d

just barge in and demand attention whenever they wanted.


My badass Entrepreneurs would be bombarded with a million sales messages every day, go to conferences and buy a bunch of stuff that sounded good but did not pan out to be what they thought it was.


So they got stuck, looking busy and mistaking that for achievement.


Even with their best of intentions, they were trying to solve their problem with an old way of thinking…


I ended up getting so frustrated I decided to build a system (a timeless system) built on principles (because principle are very different than some cool tip or hack for the moment).


I wasn’t interested in selling some new shiny thing. I wanted to genuinely help my clients in a way that would make it easy to support them in their growth both personally and professionally…


We chose to call it Precision Based Growth


I thought If I can create something that will remove friction, accelerate growth and put entrepreneurs and business owners in the driver seat of their business, it would give them the life they want.


The marriage they want. The family they want…


…And ultimately leave the legacy they want.


After almost 6 yrs in the making and investing every dollar ever made we created Precision Based Growth.


I can now take any individual, any entrepreneur or business owner and in less than an hour know exactly with total certainty where they’re stuck; give them a precise roadmap on how to fix it, increase revenue and remove overwhelm and distractions from their life, so they can be a highly functioning human being.


Not saying this to brag.


I initially created it for me, but after some deeper thought on why I got into this to begin with, what came to me was, “I want to end human suffering”.


May sound like a lofty goal, and I’m not stupid, thinking I’m going to do that on my own, but I want to give it my contribution, my best shot at it. I want to know I had a hand in some way. Right?


After creating Precision Based Growth I was not only able to grow faster, let my wife continue to be a full-time mom, and homeschool our kids.


I’ve also been able to have a bigger impact in the world because I can now move faster with more simplicity. Is this making sense?


And in the end, all of this means I now have the freedom to hang with my family and not be dominated by all the craziness.


Here’s the thing…


In any marketwith too many moving parts, nothing becomes important and everyone feels overwhelmed, overworked and stuck.


As a result, growth stagnates.

Imagine for a moment a target, with the bull’s eye in the center, you got it?


So you got your target and you want to achieve all these important goals; more clients, more revenue, more profitability, strong team, decrease expenses, right?


Important, but how do you stay focused when you have all these distractions, disruptions, and demands and you’re being pulled in all kinds of directions, you with me?


You got phone calls, texts, social media, “You’ve got a minute” kinda questions.

So if you’re literally trying to hit the target and you’re being pushed and knocked out of focus, how is that going to go? What are the odds, you’ll hit the target? Not very high.

Here’s what’s going on…


If your sales are down or stagnant. If your competitors are getting too close and your growth feels like it’s plateauing…


Probably, the reason why is because you’re spinning your wheels and have way too many moving parts.


You’re stuck in the whirlwind of the day to day (maybe for you, it’s more like a tornado).



Everybody’s focused in the center, the bull’s eye…right?


They’re like “Hey we should grow faster, work harder, hustle more…” but they’re all scattered, chasing every new shiny idea.


Of course, nobody likes to see that or admit it… but isn’t that true…?


Which is more important here…


…staying focused on matters or trying to please everybody else’s demands?


That’s right, focusing on what matters!


If we know that staying focused on what matters is the key to accelerated growth doesn’t it make logical sense to remove unnecessary and disruptive moving parts?


Of course, it does!


What would you rather have… a focused, deliberate and elite performing team that can produce predictable success or a scattered, unfocused team that’s being reactive going after every new thing pulling for their attention?


Clearly, we would much rather have focus and deliberate success, right?


So, the question becomes… how do you accomplish that?

The secret is called precision-based growth. (Don’t worry about the word precision).


It doesn’t mean… you have to be perfect or be micromanaging everything… it’s the complete opposite.


Precision gives you freedom. Flexibility. Precision makes you playful and allows you to move faster and accelerate your growth and wealth.


It’s not going to cost you more, rather reduce your cost.

Here’s how it works…


Phase ONE: Get Clear.

Is all about clarity. We identify your core values and most relevant key targets that are aligned with what you’re after and then we ask the question that is really, really important…


If every area in my business remained the same what ONE area would accelerate the growth of my business most?


Then go a little bit deeper… we say, “Ok, what are all the key activities that are distracting, disrupting and demanding my time that if removed would make me more productive, make me more money and provide me with the most energy?”


…And finally, we ask, “What do we need to either eliminate, delegate, outsource or schedule so we can focus and move more efficiently?”


When you have the answer to these questions, you use those answers to slim down, remove and simplify your business and your daily activities so you can accelerate your growth with precision.


Same with your personal life.

Phase Two Execute.


How do you implement the most effective, most efficient messaging? How do you package, position, and make irresistible offers that make people want to give you money in exchange for your value?


What’s the most precise, most effective sales process that guarantees your best buyers to know you are the most trusted advisor, the most preeminent authority and go to expert in your field?


We want to make sure you and your team dominate every conversation, interaction, and help answer your best buyer’s objections and become masters of closing new business.


This is why It’s critical you protect your time and have your team do the same.

Now, how do we strategically and tactically start implementing the most precision-based activities?


It’s very simple…


Once we strip away all unnecessary, unwanted and low-productive and unprofitable activities we move into…


Phase Three Optimize.

Here’s where most companies and individuals fail. You’ve got to be relentless in engaging your team (or yourself, depending on what you’re wanting to achieve)…


…and develop deliberate habit-forming activities to make sure you and your team are constantly elevating your thinking, skills and processes so you can achieve consistent and sustainable growth in the midst of outside demands.


It’s a very very simple concept. And it’s extremely powerful.

Here’s what’s great.


Most of your competitors (actually 80%) don’t even know their goals and their teams have no clue.


They’re just caught in the whirlwind, being reactive and doing the day to day stuff… but the ones having the biggest growth are doing this… This is where the money is.

If you don’t want to burn out yourself or your team, you want to do this.


You see, your competition is stuck in the storm fighting to keep their head above water…


If you want to really grow your business and really outperform your competition…


…the money is in the bull’s eye.


The money is right there in the center… focused on precision-based growth.Click To Tweet


The leader and teams that are doing everything with precision and narrowing down their focus, stripping away all the fluff and unnecessary distractions…  win big.


Listen, if you don’t simplify your business, if you don’t simplify your life, and focus on precision growth you’re guaranteed to complicate it and stagnate.



Precision Based Growth equals Exponential Growth.Click To Tweet

I hope you found today’s content helpful and you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it for you… if you know somebody that might find this helpful please feel free to share this content.


Share this podcast… If you loved it, I surely would appreciate a 5-star review.


Until next time stay focused and keep optimizing your business for massive growth. Talk to you in the next episode…



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