No.1 Human Behavior Expert: Neuroscience reveals the truth behind why most businesses FAIL with Dr. John Demartini

When we judge others, we’re either deflecting from our own flaws or projecting our desires. True intimacy comes from recognizing these and embracing authenticity.

How To Achieve 500% More Productivity With Jay Altman

What do you do, when you have great ideas, a great vision and you want to make amazing things happen in your life, but you’re just not moving there fast enough? Maybe sometimes you feel like you don’t have enough energy, you’re working hard all day long, you come home, you family wants you, your spouse wants your attention, you want to be a great husband, a great wife, and you want to be present with your kids. How do you do it all? How do you make your dreams a reality?

How To Repair Your Life & Business With Chris Tidwell

How did Badass Entrepreneur, father and husband, Chris Tidwell, who brought his family to a new country, starting totally from scratch, hardly being able to put food on the table, or paying rent, go to making over $400 million dollars in sales?


Once we’ve set an outcome, a goal, a target, how do we predict its achievement? How do we influence ourselves, our family, our team or our clients to consistently move toward the achievement of the target, the big G, the big important goal? How do we make sure we won’t lose momentum or get stuck, or get into the all familiar excitement of the idea of the goal, just to have it wear off and become just another disappointment?