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3 Key Points:

  • Find out the keystone habits you want to build and grow your success.
  • Find out how you practically focus on your ONE thing in the midst of the whirlwind.
  • And see how Satori asks Geoff about how he deals with stress and the surprising answers.

Show Notes:

Skip to: 01:45  You’re just going through the motions versus when I think of a Badass, I think if somebody who’s intentional in what they do and why they’re doing it.

Skip to: 02:49  But I had these golden handcuffs on. I had a good Gig, you know, worked 35, 40 hours a week, made good money, had great work life counterbalance things were great, but I was lacking that fulfillment.

Skip to: 05:38  I’ve never been a CEO of a company. I was just a sales guy, sold copiers and I sold medical devices and all of a sudden I have to sit down with the chairman of the largest real estate company in the world and sell him on my vision.

Skip to: 07:17  And then he said, what was so profound…he said, don’t even think about number two and number three until you’ve earned the right to buy mastering number one.


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