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3 Key Points:

  • Find out what to say “yes” and “no” to, if you want to achieve massive success.
  • Find out how a highly successful coach got out of a client dry spell.
  • And see how Satori asks simple questions to solve difficult challenges.

Show Notes:

Skip to: 03:44  You see most people don’t understand consequential thinking. They don’t understand the ripple effect of their thoughts, choices, decisions, their behaviors. They just go on autopilot.

Skip to: 06:38  If we don’t have clarity of how we influence ourselves, how we’re closing ourselves to either take an action or not, we’ll just be stuck in self-defeating loops.

Skip to: 09:30  You have said no to things that needed to be a “YES” and you have said yes to things that needed to be a NO.

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You’re either closing yourself on why to do something, or you’re closing yourself on why not to. There is no in between. Period.

A lot of our clients come to us because they’re already successful and they want to accelerate the growth of their business, they want to maximize profits and maximize efficiency, close better deals. Which is great. But sometimes, they’re stuck, they’re overwhelmed, frustrated and even worry what to do next.

So the other day I was in a conversation with a private client, who’s had a lot of success in her coaching business, but she felt stuck, almost on the verge of feeling depressed, “I don’t know what’s going on Satori…” Because she didn’t know the next step in her business.

Everytime she would sit down to do some work, she would start shuffling papers, look at some Youtube video or read an article, pace back and forth from her desk to the kitchen, grab a glass of water, have something to snack on… ‘Oh but I got to check my Instagram’ ‘Oh I wonder if so and so emailed me’.

She’s like, I’m stuck. I’m feeling overwhelmed, I’m frustrated. I feel like I have no clarity on the next step in my business.”

So I ask her, “What’s most important to build and grow a successful business?”
“I need clients.”
“Ok. What’s the one thing you can do to get clients?”
“I need to make offers and close deals. I need to have conversations with potential clients I can help.”
“That’s right. And what’s one thing you can do to make offers and close new business?”
“I don’t know. I need to let people know I’m available for conversations, I guess?”
“Hmm, you’re such a genius.” I start laughing…
“Let me ask you, if we look at this week (it was a Wednesday) and last week combined, how much time has been dedicated to exactly that activity? To make offers, talk to people you can help. Sharing your message and letting people know you’re available. Honestly.”
“Maybe 20 minutes. 15?”
“Have you blocked specific time just for client acquisition. Just to get new clients? To build relationships?”
“Ok. So the ONE thing most relevant to the growth and success of your business, the lifeblood of your business doesn’t even have a dedicated day or time on your calendar. Is that right?”
“Yes. I feel so stupid.
“Well, that’s not making it better. If that was the solution, I would say keep going. But feeling stupid is not the solution, right?”

“You’re right. I just feel I know what to do but I’m not doing it.”

“I know. Which is WHY we need to understand what is really going on.”

You see most people don’t understand consequential thinking. They don’t understand the ripple effect of their thoughts, choices, decisions, their behaviors. They just go on autopilot. Most people don’t STOP long enough to be present and make that evaluation.

“Apart from all the obvious distractions, the friction, and demands around you, what are you giving focus and attention to?”
“I help my existing clients. Talk to them on the phone. Write Instagram posts and do Facebook stories.”

While all these activities have their place, what wasn’t getting the focus and attention was revenue producing, income-producing activities (it didn’t even have a place on her calendar). When we started to look at what was really going on, it was very clear that she felt uncomfortable talking to new potential clients. She didn’t like selling for several reasons. She didn’t always know what to say, she was worried they wouldn’t like what she offered. She didn’t like the potential risk of rejection. She didn’t want to feel pushy.

Do you think these might have an impact on her daily activities? Massive.
I get it. These are common worries a lot of entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants have. So I helped her turn that around. And we created a dedicated section of her day to let people know she was available for business.

Now what is critical to understand here, is that it’s NOT about time management.

This is NOT just about putting it in your calendar, anybody can do that and STILL, not follow it. Right?

This is about clarity and precision. We can’t grow without it. Which is why I developed Precision Based Growth. Understanding how you think, how you feel and the consequences of your automatic behaviors is an absolute necessity. Or you will be lost in the lies about external obstacles. Can we bump into external problems? Of course! but if we don’t examine the internal obstacles, we’re stuck for sure.

If we don’t have clarity of how we influence ourselves, how we’re closing ourselves to either take an action or not, we’ll just be stuck in self-defeating loops.Click To Tweet

This is not time management, this is MIND management. How do you take command of the most powerful thing that controls it all?

That’s what I help you do.

If you’re not making the money you want, enjoying the business growth you want is not because there’s a lack of clients needing your help. It’s not because of some course you didn’t take. It’s not because of that facebook live that went wrong. You’re just not pulling the right levers in your mind to close yourself on the right activities.

I was talking to a friend the other day, and we’re talking about my Halfass to Badass podcast. I obviously want to give you and the rest of the Badass Nation the best. I want to give you a lot of value, things you can immediately apply in your life, in your business to grow and be successful. I want each episode to deliver a lot more value than what most people would charge money for.

And I ask her, I wonder if our community really understands the problem that I solve. Meaning, why would someone hire me. Because here’s the thing right, do I want to inspire you, yes? Do I want you to get tools and strategies to maximize the key levers in your business? Yes. Do I want to help cut the ties of mediocrity? Yes.
But I don’t want you to go, “Oh Satori, that was inspiring. Oh man I got some great insights.” NO!

I want you to take total command and dominate what goes on in your head. Is this making sense? And I can only do so much talking to you in this form, right? And by the way, If you feel you want some hands-on help, and you believe I can help you, I do keep a few open spots available, and if this is something you want, you can go to
Again this is not to just have a quick chat, right? This if you’re serious about making a real shift in your life, in your business. Just want to make sure I’m clear about that. Anyway, just know that is available to you.

If you DON’T have what you want...Don’t have the business you want, the income you want, the marriage you want, the body you want, the LIFE you want...You have closed (influenced) yourself on the wrong things.Click To Tweet

You have said no to things that needed to be a “YES” and you have said yes to things that needed to be a NO.

What do I mean? You said no to the meeting because you were too tired (didn’t sleep enough), too busy (distracted with non-essential things), you were not prepared and you lost a big client.
Maybe you said yes to drinking all night, and woke up the next day with a massive hangover and said no to a cool hike with your friends, you said no to working out, you said no to having fun with your family. . .
You said yes to the wrong client because you were desperate for money and with that yes, you said no to building the right clientele, you said no to working with people who are the right client for you.
Maybe you said no to your spouse who wanted to have a special and beautiful evening with you, but you said yes to scrolling on your phone, you said yes to watching television, you said yes to overeating and getting too tired so you fell asleep on the couch before the kids.

Are you following this?

Pay attention to what your closing yourself on... your future is predictable if you notice what you say “yes” and “no” to.Click To Tweet

Pay attention to what your closing yourself on… your future is predictable if you notice what you say “yes” and “no” to.

I want to give you something you can start doing right now so you can get a deeper experience of what’ve talked about today. Sound good?

#1 Write down an area of where you’re making progress toward a result you’re after. (Ex. Maybe you want to have more energy and be healthier. Or maybe you want to to get your business message out to the world. And so every day you say yes to getting to bed early. You get up early, you drink water consistently. You take a walk every morning. You take daily intermittent breaks where you stretch and breathe. And you can see that by saying yes to these activities you feel healthier and full of energy. If it’s your business message. You’re writing a social media post every day. You make a live presentation on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube every day. You’re reaching out and booking yourself on other business podcasts once a week. And as you’re saying yes to these notice your progress and business growth.

#2 On the other hand, notice an area where you want to make progress and grow but you’re NOT. What are you saying say yes to and what are you saying no to? Remember you’re always closing yourself on one or the other. WHY to do something or why not to. ( with the same example. If you say yes to staying up late, watching Netflix to 1 or 2 in the morning. What are you saying no to? When you say no to water. No to walks, breathing or stretch breaks. You’re saying yes to low energy, stiffness, feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed. In your business, when you say no to social media posts, going live, being a guest on other podcasts, networking, you’re saying yes to being an unknown, yes to being broke, yes to struggle. Are you with me? Is this making sense?

You can see this playing out in your life, can’t you? It’s either taking you closer or further away from your dreams. Closer or further away from the income, you want. Closer or further away from business, you want to build. Closer or further away from the life, you want. The marriage you want.
Understand this…

The life you want, the business you want, the marriage you want is fueled by the YES’s and NO’s you choose....Click To Tweet

You’re only ONE close away…!!


BOOM!! How’d you like that?

If you’re wanting to grow and scale your business you’re probably studying a lot. That’s great. You’re probably studying all the different strategies out there, right? That’s also great.

But the hardest part is figuring out how to remove overwhelm and friction and get done what matters without burning yourself and without killing yourself in the process, right?

That’s what I struggled with for a while until I learned the secrets of Precision Based Growth.

So if you’re wondering how Precision Based Growth can work in your business or life, I created a special opportunity for you to get on a call with me to get you on track with the right focus, and more importantly, how to maximize growth, maximize efficiency and simplify. You’re not alone.

Wanna talk?

I’m only one person, so this is on a first come, first serve basis. Spots are extremely limited, so if you’re serious and you want me to personally answer your direct questions.
You can apply for your spot by going to

Again, that’s

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