How do we set goals we are compelled to move towards? How do we make sure we take consistent action toward our targets without needing outside motivation or reminders? How do we relentlessly keep hitting our targets and stay on track without distraction, with minimal friction and without being swayed by other people’s demands?

DOMINATE 2019 Part 2

Ever wondered why you say you’re going to do something, “I really should do this” and still don’t do it? Why some things are a real struggle and you have to force yourself to get it done? Have you also noticed there are certain things nobody has to remind you or motivate you to do? This episode will give you the answer…

The ONE Thing That Makes Success Easier with Geoff Woods

In today’s episode you will hear a special interview with Geoff Woods Vice President of the ONE Thing and how he lost 40% of his income overnight. You’ll also understand why so many of us fail when we think big and act big and what to do instead.


If you’ve ever wondered, “Why don’t I do what I say I’m going to do? Why don’t I have the money saved that I want? Why don’t I lose weight, stop overdrinking or grow my business? Why do I say something is important but still don’t seem to make time for it?